Garage Cleaning

Garage Cleaning

“Your Clutter is Our Bread & Butter“


We Clean


We will clean every corner of your garage especially where the most stubborn dirt and bugs can hide.


We Sort


We will sort things in to three different piles – things going into the trash, things going to charity and things going back into the garage.


We Organize


We will organize and label your things to go back in the garage so you can find them quickly and easily.


Cleaning and Organizing Basics for Your Garage

Your garage is usually one of the messiest rooms in your house. For most people, half the battle is getting it organized so that they can tackle cleaning it. There is no other place in your house, where stuff just seems to accumulate like it does in your garage. It’s a default storage unit for almost everything that we want to keep, but we don’t use on a daily basis. The secret to getting the most out of your garage is keeping it uncluttered as possible. With a little TLC your garage can become a very functional space in your home.



For many of our clients it’s been years since they been able to park their car in the garage. If you have years of clutter in your garage that can use some organizing. We are here to help! Could you use some efficient storage space? How would you like to come home to a clean garage like the one above? Without any cobwebs, rodents or creepy crawlers. No matter how big or small the job, we provide complete garage restoration, cleaning and organization. We also sell, service, and install garage organization products (cabinets, shelving, workbenches, overhead bins, and handing racks), along with garage flooring.

We are a one stop shop for all your garage needs!

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Keep Cockroaches, Spiders and Rodents Out Of Your Garage

Your garage is a Gateway area for insects and rodents to enter your home here in Central Florida. Such things as pet food, holiday decorations, newspaper and cardboard boxes can be great sources of food and nesting material for these insects.

Your exterminator will tell you the best way to keep roaches and spiders out of your home is to start by keeping them out of your garage.

Follow the steps below to keep roaches, spiders, and rodents from making your home their home.

First step is to keep your garage clean and orderly, you should regularly sweep out dust and debris from your garage. Be sure to move boxes and containers and sweep behind them as well. Look around baseboards and walls to see if you see any insect droppings if you do contact your exterminator immediately.

If you can help it do not store open pet food in the garage, even temporarily. If you have to store pet food in the garage make sure you store it in an airtight container. Even dry food in bags and boxes can come under attack by cockroaches and ants very quickly.

Do not allow clutter to cumulate in your garage. Roaches love to nest in anything from paper to clothing and more. If you must store boxes in your garage make sure they are stored on shelving at least 6 inches from the garage floor. Never allow boxes to sit directly on your garage floor and never allow them to be stacked up to the point where they are piled on top of each other. It’s really best not to use boxes at all instead use airtight totes or plastic containers.

If you follow these simple suggestions you’ll find it a lot easier to keep these intruders out of your home.