House Washing

House Washing

Leaving Your Exterior Surfaces Looking Like New


Soft Washing House

This is the time of year that we begin to notice the areas of our house that need to be cleaned. Our cool, damp Florida winters create the perfect environment for mildew to grow on nearly any surface. Dirt and grime appear anywhere and everywhere, including on your roof and the siding of your house.


Soft Washing Technique

The soft wash technique uses a softer pressure, usually less than 150 PSI, and relies instead on the right detergents and the proper dwell times to get a surface clean. The “dwell time” refers to the length of time a cleaning solution or detergent needs to remain on a surface in order for the chemicals to effectively loosen and remove the stains, grime, and debris.


Soft Wash Results

Our soft wash approach that is gentle yet effective. Thanks to the use of low pressure, you can rest assured that your home – whether it’s vinyl, brick, stucco, or more – will remain safe and secure throughout the process.

Our staff is prepared with cleaners and and soft wash equipment that is top-of-the-line and proven to be the most effective in the industry.

We use the Soft Wash method to clean and restore all surfaces and substrates around your home, increasing its appeal and value. Call us for a free estimate and appraisal, we service Inverness, Florida & all surrounding areas. Our service poses no risk to your home and is guaranteed to completely restore your siding, brick, stone, wood, metal, gutters, tile, concrete, paintwork, roof and all other substrates and surfaces.

Soft Washing Services in Inverness, Florida

Cleaning ALL Of Your Home’s Exterior

Our house washing services are suitable for a wide range of exterior surfaces. We safely clean all types of siding including wood, vinyl, brick, stucco, and dryvit. Our team also offers both cleaning and brightening to your gutters. Our professional surface cleaners are even used to clean pool decks, concrete, pavers, sidewalks and walkways.

Without periodic maintenance, vinyl siding will stain. Rust, dirt, mold, and mildew are just a few of the things that trigger discoloration — and if they aren’t addressed quickly, the impact can be permanent. We have a blended detergent that will effectively remove stains from your siding. We take your stains seriously, and we’ll always do what it takes to remove them. On occasion, our team will wash your exterior twice using two different detergents to remove different soiling on the siding. This is known as “two stepping” the project.

EZ Garage Cleaning  Services is proud to be your one-stop-shop for all your property maintenance and house washing needs. To learn more about the wide range of solutions that we can offer your home, get in touch today.

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