Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

We make your roof look like new


Shingle Roof Cleaning

Our exclusive Asphalt Roof Cleaning Non-Pressure Cleaning Process can safely restore your roof to like brand new appearance, for the fraction of the cost of a new roof.  We make the black ugly streaks, moss & lichen on your roof disappear, and EXTEND the life of your roof.


Tile Roof Cleaning

Do you have a Tile roof that needs to be cleaned?  The shady areas of your roof can get unsightly moss and mold growth that will have to be removed or it could permanently stain your tiles.   Tile roofs are not subject to the same washing precautions as an Asphalt Shingle Roof because roofing tiles are much stronger and there finish is harder to clean.


Metal Roof Cleaning

Does your metal roof need a good cleaning?  Metal Roofs while arguably the most durable are not immune to getting dirty.  Organic Materials can build up on your roof over time, dirt, leaves, pollens and more all slowly build up and then molds, and algae actually feed off that organic material. This certainly won’t destroy a metal roof but it can contribute to ruining any finish you may have on the roof and it certainly doesn’t look very nice.

Does your roof have unsightly black stains? Why replace it if you can hire a roof cleaning company for a fraction of the cost? EZ Garage Roof Cleaning company, process is recognized as general maintenance and should be done every seven years to get the full life out of your roof. We safely remove unsightly algae and mold stains with our low pressure foam process. With our process, we guarantee to restore your roof to its original state without compromising the integrity of your roof Our process is fully approved by all shingle manufacturers including ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufactures Association) and is recommended by all insurance companies. We service, Inverness, Florida, and the surrounding area and we are fully licensed and insured.

Reasons For Roof Cleaning

Why wash your roof?  Simple.  Algae, moss, or lichen feed on limestone in the roof shingles and continue to multiply creating a roof full of unsightly streaks. The algae dislodges the protective granules and when left untreated, this algae can prematurely degrade and cause roof failure. Additionally, it can expose residents to other potential health concerns.

That’s where EZ Garage Cleaning comes in.  With our proven soft roof washing method, we do not use traditional power washing. Instead, we use a safe and effective solution than kills mold instantly. We will gently spray your roof removing years of growth bringing your home back to its original look and curb appeal.

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